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Depression hides a person, like fog hides a mountain. When the fog clears, the magnificence of the mountain is revealed.

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Support for parents

This website has been designed to support parents of teenagers who are struggling with either anxiety or depression.

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Depression and anxiety

Are mental illnesses and like any other illness the patients need looking after. This 7 week course gives you strategies and support so you can give your best to your teenager.


You’re probably wondering what qualifies me

In 2018 my eldest daughter was diagnosed with anxiety and depression. We were referred to the local Child and Adolescent Mental Health service and followed their treatment plan of both cognitive behavioral therapy AND prescription medication.

Unfortunately the drugs that were prescribed didn’t work as well as expected (everyone reacts differently) and my daughter became severely depressed, severely anxious and suicidal.

Step by small step she began to get better. It was an honour to work beside her as she returned to health. It was also very scary and enormously hard work.

This course gives you all the useful strategies and tips I wish I’d known about at the time. It also allows you to reach out and connect with other parents who are dealing with the same issues.

Our current health system

Provides medication and counselling for teenagers with anxiety and depression. No support is given to parents of these teens.


Steps to sanity

This course has four webinars which alternate with 3 group calls.

The webinars cover safety in the home, self care, mindfulness, diaries and supportive strategies for your teen. The webinars alternate with phone calls so parents can discuss their worries and concerns in a safe and confidential space; while building a support network for themselves.

Juggling the demands of a busy family, working and an ill child are at the limits of human endurance. Not only is this a time of sadness it is also a time of growth as you deal with this crisis effectively.




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This website is not a substitute for medical advice; it is designed to support caregivers as they support their teenagers.