Nuggets of Gold

We’d all like a bit of bling in our lives.  Something that sparkles without any effort on our part and lights up our surroundings.  Some people have that energy with them when they walk into a room, they light it up with their sparkly smile and their infectious energy.  Something tells me they’ve worked to connect themselves with the love inside them, it’s like they’ve been mining themselves for nuggets of gold.

Take any person with ‘gold fever’ and you’ll find their biggest wish is to find a nugget just lying there, unnoticed by any other soul, as if it’s waiting to be found just by them.  So many people can walk past that nugget and not even notice it, and yet the right person can come along and see it straight away.  How does that work?  It must be in the way they focus.  

Inside us all are nuggets of gold just waiting to be collected.  Like the large nugget of gold waiting to be found, there are deposits of kindness, extracts of love and gemstones of generosity hiding inside every person.  The challenge is to extract these, to see them in ourselves and in others.  

So much is in plain sight, waiting for us to focus and to notice.  How often are you hard on yourself, believing yourself to be not enough?  And on your teenager?  When you could take another focus and look for the treasure  that is inside, waiting to be found.  How much time and energy is spent on activities that enhance your unworthiness instead of activities that support, nourish and uplift you? 

Activities like:

  • Making connections with others and your surroundings

  • Spending time alone

  • Noticing and sitting with feelings of unworthiness so you can acknowledge them, let them go and move on

  • Thinking about ways to serve, give and contribute

  • Looking for your purpose and actively doing things to support it

  • Reaching out beyond yourself to find the support you need

  • Accepting help

  • Feeling love for no other purpose than feeling love

  • Giving to yourself and others

  • Fostering resilience

Panning for gold takes time, dedication and patience.  Are there nuggets in plain sight and we’re just not seeing them?  With our busy lives it is so easy to focus on the negative and be driven by the small hungers.  The want for the next shiny object or glittery achievement.  Hard fought for and gained yes, and especially so when it comes at the expense of spending time with ourselves and our loved ones.  

We could simply be panning ourselves for lumps of kindness, nuggets of generosity and deposits of selflessness. The ones we all have as they’ve been pushed, congealed and hardened through the forces that govern an individuals life: unconditional love, acceptance, recognition, encouragement, distilled with strength, belief, sadness, loss and processed grief to create new nuggets. 

We know that what we pay attention to is what counts.  So I ask you, how do you dig deep when the going gets tough?