Worry vs Doing

Sometimes I catch myself in the middle of a full blown worry fest. Thoughts just seem to chase each other around inside my mind. Getting faster, bigger, moving in tighter circles and feeding off themselves. Until I’m so wound up with my thoughts and where they’re taking me that I manage to somehow lose track of time. Before I know it hours, days, weeks and even months have disappeared in a blur of trying to solve a problem that wasn’t even mine to start with.

It’s natural to worry about things that are outside your control. Once you become a parent the worrying steps up. It only takes one session with the nightly news, or any other form of social input, to bring the terrors of the world into your home and apply them to your kids, your life. I’m not saying to walk around with your head in a glittery bubble, ignoring problems as they arise and blissfully pretending everything is ok. But I am saying that so many worries don’t apply to us, yet we let them in.

And once they’re in they do like to stay. They like to make themselves cosy, putting their feet up on the couch and happily slurping up all the nourishment that comes their way. Worries like tender love and care, they even bring their mates because they know there’s always more to go around.

And who needs that? Not me, I’ve got a life to live and I’m not going to let worrying take my precious time and energy away.

Noticing the worry fest has made a difference and allowed me to move from worrying into doing.

In my mind I’ve coloured in the worries with grey, black and white. They move slowly and sluggishly like an old fashioned movie. And the best bit is that I can choose to pause that boring movie whenever I want to.

I do cart an imaginary remote control around in my pocket. It’s the perfect tool for my worry movie. I simply point the remote control at the screen, and push the off button. That’s right. The OFF button.

The screen is clear.

Then I point the remote control at the screen and push the doing button.

Suddenly options flash up on the screen in front of me. What could I be doing to move forward? How could I solve the problem? What steps could I take? What can I do right now? What will happen tonight? The possibilities are endless and generate themselves as I need them. Keeping my mind in doing keeps me moving forward.

The steps I have to take may not be easy, but a life worth living isn’t necessarily easy. And that’s where life happens, in the growth zone.

Melanie MedlandComment