Happiness is ... all about the everyday

We’d all love a shiny, glittery life with plenty of light, laughter and joy right?  

And our culture loves to tell us that happiness is a thing.  It’s something we should be reaching for, expecting and creating.  

Our culture also tells us that if we don’t get there then it’s on us, there must be something very wrong with us.  How do we know this?  Because other people seem to be happy.  And how do we know they made happiness?  It’s there for us to see in their social media feeds, in their cool car and their flash house and the groovy clothes they wear.  In the way they attract friends and tell jokes.  

Nah.  I say the happiness we need isn’t in any of those things. 

It’s in the stuff that happens everyday and how you react to it.  It’s in the small mundane moments that are right under your nose, the ones that you reach over as you rush for the next shiny object.    

Happiness lies in the way your kids smile at you, and when your friends think of you, when your pet greets you like a long lost friend after you’ve been away all day.  Happiness is in the soft touch of your partner’s caress and the smell of dinner cooking when you walk in the door.   

I could continue with endless examples of the everyday moments, we all have so many of them to notice, to celebrate, to share and to create.  But the culture of busy, as we reach for that next shiny object that we think will make us happy is what stops us from noticing the everyday.  

I firmly believe we create our own happiness, and I know we’re all capable of more.  Given that happiness doesn’t come in a gift wrapped box, how do we get it?

Surprisingly easily as it turns out.  

Step 1: slow down

Step 2: take a deep breath

Step 3: on the exhale notice one thing that makes you happy

Repeat steps two & three 10 times: keep count on your fingers as you exhale.

Happiness accomplished in less than a minute.  You can do this as much as you like.  Maybe in the morning to start with.  Then add in an evening breath or two.  After a week or so challenge yourself to lunchtimes.  By now people will be wanting to know your secret … and after a month your happiness habit will be established.

The nicest gift happiness gives back to us in its exponential growth.  When we’re happy we notice more things to be happy about.  Which makes us happier.  Loving that radical upcycle and the best bit about it - it’s 100% free.

What do you have to lose?  Only your happiness … and isn’t that just what everyone wants more of? 

If you’d like a hand with happiness reach out. I’m more than happy to help.