Are you worried about your teenager’s mental health?

Do you think, or do you know, they might be depressed?

Do you wonder if they are unnecessarily anxious?

Is there a quiet voice inside you telling you “they’re not okay.”

Are you unsure of how to help them, and what to do next?

Take heart, there is a way through.

If you feel like I did, and as many of the parents I talk to do, you probably:

  • Feel like you’re on your own. You may have noticed there is some support out there for your teen but there’s nothing much around for you.

  • Know it’s really hard, and hell, it’s not something life has prepared you for. Where exactly is the instruction booklet for this scenario?

  • Think “I didn’t sign up for this when I became a parent.” No one is prepared for their child to deal with these challenges and that also means you’re probably not prepared for the parenting that goes along with the crisis.

  • Feel scared because there’s so much of the unknown and you don’t feel like you can help your teen get better.

  • Feel disconnected. You may have lots of support, but most people around you may not realise what it’s like or know what to do either.

  • Even feel a sense of shame. Somehow this means you’re not a good parent and you’re wondering where you went wrong.


    It doesn’t have to be this hard

    you can make a difference

    you are not the only one going through this

    there is help

    there is a way through

    You can

  • Help your teen work through and understand the things that are happening in their head

  • Learn how to take charge of the crisis that is consuming your teenager

  • Strengthen the healing process

  • Be a proactive parent

  • Connect with your teenager as you learn together

  • Look after yourself in the process


Here’s what we’re going to do …

Fill your parenting tool box: learn specific strategies you can use immediately.

Block our one hour a week to connect with other parents going through the same thing.

Be empowered, know what we are facing and do something about it.

Work with our teens to get them better, faster.